Friday, February 1, 2008

Eric Lindell - Low on Cash, Rich in Love CD Review

In a world where money dominates nearly every facet of our lives, Eric Lindell's latest release Low on Cash, Rich In Love provides a refreshing return to the basics. Declaring in the title track that he’s “low on cash, low on change, rich in love and other things,” Eric reveals the straightforward and sincere attitude that is the hallmark of the album.

With a dynamite cast of supporting musicians, Lindell easily dabbles in the blues, funk, and creole-flavored soul. His New Orleans heritage is unmistakable, especially in “It’s A Pity,” clearly a reflection on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Ripe with thick basslines and electrifying organ runs, this track quickly stands out as one of the highlights.

Eric’s talents as a songwriter and musician are many, but perhaps the most alluring is the sultry and seemingly effortless vocal delivery that seasons every song. The way he sings “baby” certainly had this reviewer spellbound. Mix in his impressive chops on the guitar and harmonica, and you certainly have the fixings for music's next rising star.

While the lyrical content of the album is by no means complex, the themes of romance, relationships, and devotion are instantly accessible and down-to-earth. Lindell exposes himself as a lady’s man in the first minutes of the lilting and sweet opening number, crooning “girl I’ll be doggone if I’ll let you slip away, so lay back, lay back down.”

He continues to pour on the charm in the gritty “It’s My Pleasure,” accented by simmering slide guitar and Delta-inspired riffs. The song slowly builds to a wicked jam, another of the finest moments on the album.

Low on Cash, Rich in Love surely doesn’t break the mold, but it fits into it exquisitely. Lindell has crafted a collection of sing-along worthy songs with rhythms that will definitely get bodies moving on a dance floor. It’s the type of music that just screams to be performed in front of an audience; and as luck would have it, Lindell is no stranger to the stage. If this album is any indicator, his upcoming concerts should not be missed.