Friday, August 21, 2009

Whole Lotta Love

So...since my last installment, I've seen some fantastic live music. On August 9, I went to the Charlottesville Pavilion and caught The Big Surprise Tour featuring Old Crow Medicine Show, Dave Rawlings, Gillian Welch, The Felice Brothers, and Justin Townes Earle. It was mostly a collaborative affair, with a few songs here and there from the individual groups. It was wonderful. I was already a fan of most of the artists, but I was introduced to The Felice Brothers and now I want more of them.

Just this past weekend, I journeyed to Columbia, Maryland to have a night with Phish. As always, I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I was not elated by the setlist; however, I got to hear a lot of the new material and also was blown away by a mostly ridiculous second set. 46 Days> Oh! Sweet Nuthin'>effing amazing Harry Hood, then a Good Times Bad Times>Tweezer Reprise encore. Twas good, mighty good.

Tonight, I am finally just relaxing at home. 3 weekends, 3 mind-blowing shows - that's about as much as I can take these days. Still listening to music though. Stumbled upon this hot and funky Tina Turner cover of "Whole Lotta Love" the other day. I adore it. Hope you enjoy!

Whole Lotta Love - Ike & Tina Turner

Monday, August 3, 2009

Tori Amos - Live 8.1.09 - Washington, D.C.

Pure sex. That is how I describe the magnificent Ms. Amos. Tori's performance this past Saturday at D.C.'s Constitution Hall was cathartic through and through. Touring to support her tenth studio album, Abnormally Attracted to Sin, it seems that the songstress is still reinventing and pushing her own boundaries. As to be expected, there was quite a bit of the new material on the setlist, but there were plenty of the classics as well.

First off, Tori is one lady who knows how to dress and how to make an appearance. Her metallicy-gold leggings and flowing dress were stunning, perfect compliments to her waist-length red hair. I swear age has done nothing but improve her.

She opened with a new one, "Give," and it was eerie and brilliant. Then she started some hot fire with "Body and Soul" and didn't let up, pulling out "Cornflake Girl" early in the set. "Space Dog" is a personal favorite, so I was quite pleased when I heard the opening line "way to go Mr. Microphone."

"Icicle" was just magnificent, a definite crowd favorite. The lyric "the good book is missing some pages" was met with thunderous applause and cheers from the audience. One of the multitude of goosebump moments that night.

One of my instant favorites from the new album is the incredibly fun, "Mary Jane." I was so surprised when Tori started telling the story about the young boy (presumably her nephew) who wanted to have Mary Jane over while his mom was away in Italy. This song was a little cherry on top for me, didn't expect it at all. Another high point was "Precious Things." I could hear this one every time I see her and it will always delight me. "Strong Black Vine" was an ideal follow-up, and the ending to that song was INTENSE. Finally, we got that possessed version of Tori where she was almost screaming, "Push out that evil boys like a motherfucker. My mom is not your cocksucker." Yes. I want a soundboard of this.

It was apparent throughout the show that Tori was having a great time and was thrilled to be there. Lots of energy, lots of shimmying and a bit of banter between songs. The lighting was a subtle enhancement to each song, simple yet obviously well thought-out. I was not at all disappointed by her last visit to D.C. in '07, but this one was more powerful for me. For some artists, a concert is just a series of songs; with Tori, it is art, an event, a production.

Body and Soul
Cornflake Girl
Space Dog
Jamaica Inn
Mary Jane
Gold Dust
Pretty Good Year
A Sorta Fairytale
Fast Horse
Precious Things
Strong Black Vine
Bouncing off Clouds
Raspberry Swirl
Big Wheel