Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Dead - Live 4.15.09 - Charlottesville, VA

With our Thai chicken wraps from Zazus and a sixer of Red Stripe in tow, we waited in the long line of cars entering the John Paul Jones Arena parking lots. Once admitted, we were basically told by the parking attendant, "good luck." All of the real spots had been taken and people had begun parking on curbs, in front of fire hydrants, basically wherever a car could fit. So I backed the KIA up on a grassy knoll and let the people-watching/pre-gaming begin. The shakedown scene was exactly as it should've been - lots of dreads, tie-dye, balloons, glassware and kindness.

After we had sufficiently lubricated ourselves, we trekked into the arena. Bathroom was the first stop once inside, and that's the last time I saw my cell phone. Somewhere between the toilets and our seats, that little bugger slipped out of my pocket and he has now hopefully gone to hippie phone heaven. Hence, no pictures.

I was pretty preoccupied with the lost phone, but the sounds of "New Speedway Boogie" made me remember that the music is all that matters. From the first note of set one until the final choruses of the "G-L-O-R-I-A" encore, I was reminded of the magic of the Grateful Dead catalog. They went deep, pulling out lesser known songs from nearly four decades ago. Click Here for Dean Smith's spot-on review at Jambase. There's no way I could describe it better.

Everything about this concert and the overall experience was so perfect that losing my cell phone was a small price to pay. The Dead are ALIVE!

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