Friday, April 6, 2007

Widespread Panic - Live 4.3.07 - Richmond, VA

Widespread Panic
Landmark Theater in Richmond, VA
April 3, 2007, 7:30 PM
Ticket Price: $45

Going to see Widespread Panic gives me a sort of giddy excitement that only a few other bands can top. Now that they have guitarist Jimmy Herring in the mix, the energy is insane. They nearly blew the roof off the Landmark Theater in the second set. I will say, though, that I prefer the Pan-Pan in outdoor venues. There are six guys on stage, and that’s a lot of sound to be contained by four walls. Our seats were at the top of the theater, too, so the vocals were a little washed out. But no matter. The jams made up for it. And I’m used to dancing on the grass, so the plush carpet was a nice change of pace.

Part of the joy of Panic shows, for me, is the interaction between fans. There are really no strangers; we’re all united in our love of the music. And I really look forward to seeing everyone in their hippie garb.

Set 1: From The Cradle > Fishwater, Better Off, Angels on High, You Should Be Glad, Flicker > Greta, You Got Yours, Give

Set 2: This Part Of Town > All Time Low > Diner > Party At Your Mama’s House > Airplane > Drums > Impossible > One Arm Steve > Love Tractor

Encore: Pilgrims > Blackout Blues

On the way to shows, I always like to name my 3 wishlist songs for the night. This time I wanted Surprise Valley, Climb To Safety, and Fishwater. Well, I got Fishwater second song of the night. Can’t ask for more than that. Flicker is a new song that they’re working on, and we Virginians got blessed with it’s first on-stage debut. Excellent.

Set 1 was definitely a warm-up for Set 2. I think they must’ve tweaked the sound a little bit, too, cause the vocals were slightly clearer. The boys didn’t relent in bringing the hotness – This Part of Town into All Time Low into DINER ! into PAYMH into AIRPLANE !!! Then the bongo and drum time ensued. You can always pick out the moderate fans – they sit down during the drum solos, hehe. Anyway, it seemed like a lot of people were complaining about the sound, but always in the context of, “If they sounded that good with crappy sound, imagine how awesome they’ll be this summer.” I can’t wait!!!

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