Saturday, January 17, 2009

2008 In Music: Porter Batiste Stoltz

You can't go wrong when you combine George Porter's delectable bass, Russell Batiste's drumming power, and the blistering guitar work of Brian Stoltz. Then add in Phish's Page McConnell on keys here and there....this is the freshest funk album of 2008, without a doubt.

MOODOO. It's live and it SMOKES! Irresistible. "I Get High" is the first song with vocals, and it may be the highlight for me - but really MOODOO is just one continuous jam. The Curtis Mayfield cover is also over and beyond great. Then there's some Dylan thrown in (Stoltz once toured with him), and of course a nice spattering of the Meters from Porter's catalogue. Simply put - MOODOO is hotness.