Friday, January 9, 2009

2008 In Music: Foxboro Hot Tubs

My "beach read" album of 2008.

It is technically "Green Day"; but at the same time, it isn't quite Green Day. They're not blazing any new trails here - Stop Drop And Roll is definitely a throw-back to the 60's garage rock sound. Some critics rated this album poorly, saying it is just blatantly ripping off bands like the Kinks and Donovan. I personally don't care if they use recycled sounds. Stop Drop And Roll is light, lively and fun to listen to. Sometimes, that's just what the doctor ordered. Plus I've always been a fan of Billie Joe's voice, and I hear him doing some different things on this album. I dig it.


rhondapalooza said...

I loved this one too! :) And couldn't agree more with your description.

At this rate I can wait for you to finish putting up your favorite albums from 2008 and then just copy the list!

Katrina said...

As I'm going through this, I'm realizing just how many 08 albums I have listened to. I have a list of 63, I think.

rhondapalooza said...

It's CRAZY when you step back and look at it that way, isn't it?!